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Hologram is the debut full-length by TAYLOR ALXNDR.

"Hologram is about communication - how we communicate to each other, how we use social media to communicate who we think we are to the world, how we communicate with ourselves. Are the messages we’re putting out being received? I started this album when I was completely exhausted by social media (I still am), when I was having trouble connecting to friends, lovers, and to myself. Hologram is a question more than a answer. A lot of the songs are written with a smirk, because as much as I’m questioning the world around me, I’m also questioning myself."


released November 2, 2018

All songs written & produced by TAYLOR ALXNDR.
Mixed and mastered by Dylan Castora at Paperboy Studios in Atlanta, GA.
Bass guitar on tracks #1 and #6 by Aidan S. Burns.
Guitar on tracks #1 by Elliott Brabant.
Album art by Savana Ogburn.


all rights reserved



TAYLOR ALXNDR Atlanta, Georgia

DIY queer synth pop bopstar based in Atlanta, GA.

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Track Name: Hologram
Verse One:
I fell in love with a hologram
And it gave me what I need
A certain sense of comfort
I was finally seen
Found God in the digital
A religion on the screen
Uploading, the answer
I just know I could…

Feel it now, so don't let it die
You need it now, so you must try
Why deny? (oh)

Work, to the hologram, to the hologram
Slave, to the hologram, to the hologram
Yearn, for the hologram, for the hologram
Do it, for the hologram, for the hologram

Verse Two:
There was a glitch in the hologram
The reception wasn’t clear
Trapped in a black mirror
Couldn’t face all my fears
Unplugged from the digital
Face to face with just me
A follower has to follow
I no longer could…



You’re placing all your bets on the highest stakes
What happens when you lose? What’s there to take?
A brick in the factory, a worker in the hive
What’s keeping you going? What’s keeping you a live?
A sense of emptiness that you can’t escape
A dose of affirmation to get thru the day
A shock to the system, a cog in the machine
But to use your own voice?

Hook (x2)
Track Name: One Dot
One dot in the mix, doesn't really fix, anything
One shot in the dark, leaves the whole world, blind

Verse One:
Working for the man now
It makes the money but it don’t make sense
Getting paid in excuses
All you wanted to taste was success
Just keep climbing up the ladder
Eyes on you with your eyes on the prize
You’re just a pawn in the game, now
You’ll never make it out alive

Yeah, we've been to the top of the mountain
And there's really nothing to see
Tables with seats, nobody eats, clearly

One dot in the mix, doesn't really fix, anything
One shot in the dark, leaves the whole world, blind
Loose the game, and get played, like a token
One dot in the mix? Please don't waste my time

Verse Two:
Punching the clock, now
Twice as hard to be seen just as good
The machine ain’t friendly
Spits you out and you feel used
You thought it was about the work?
But it’s not about that, no
Don’t step outta line
Everybody just wants a good time



Pay me what you owe me
But you ain’t got nothing for me
I run races, earn places, but you get to keep the trophy
Not a pawn or a pundit
I got dreams, you can fund it
I turn maybe’s to yes’s
No guesses, you know I run it


Hook x2
Track Name: Elephant ft. ZENSOFLY
Verse One:
Pull up to the party
Pulling up with Charli
XCX, I’m next up
Catch that glow up, I’m not sorry
Booked up out the month
In the city, out of state
Got to get these gigs to go
Got a lot on my plate
Checking off my checklist
Cashing all these checkssss
Only time you hit me up
Is to get on my guest list
That behavior’s reckless
All my time is precious
Ain’t no squares in my circle
Catch that angle, exit
Fresh out the safari
Please go get a hobby
Just another, another show, yeah probably
I don’t got time for you chickens
I stay dodging all you ducks
Bc my time is my money
Gotta pay me to give a ..

I'm an el-E-phant
Hell bent on tearing it up
Don’t give a damn, don’t give a fuck
Move out my way, cuz I’m on the come up
I’m an elephant
Hell bent on breaking it down
Can’t take my voice, can’t take my sound
You know my name, cause it’s all around town

Verse Two: ZenSoFly


Keep putting up your defenses
I just come thru in your mentions
Them labels they be pretentious
I just come back with vengeance
You got one shot
Don’t miss, get up out the way
You got a lot of mouth
But you don’t go much to say
Just admit that you can’t compete
Say you staying facts, show me the CVS reciepts
I’m TAYLOR ALXNDR, that’s my name wear it out
Elephant in the room, and that taste in your mouth

Hook x2
Track Name: Log Off!
Verse One:
But you dunno how to solve them
Ignore the signs but you’ve questions
Have you ever learned a lesson?
Take a second to think, because you
Think it breathe it live it post it.
It's not real unless you show it
Broadcast it on your screen
Everyone’s caught up trying to live that dream

You need to Log Off
Take some time to self-reflect

Verse Two
Log on engage
Drop out Group shame
Retweet update
New post Play game
Clickbait clockout
Reblog get clout
Fake news real fear
Followers disappear

Hook x2
Track Name: Signal
Verse One:
How do you feel about me?
Tell me the truth and I
Will take it as your word, this time

My words, my thoughts, my feelings
Got lost in translation
Tell me you understand

Tell me can you hear me
Through the static?
Are you listening?
I think that we’re breaking up
Did I fuck it up?
Did I say too much?
I guess my signal got lost, oh

Verse Two:
Make me into your dream
Someone that you admire
Don’t say that I’m just a friend

And I know you love him
And I hate to say this
But I need you
Why not give me a try?
I promise I’ll be more than enough


I’m dancing alone tonight
There’s no one here by my side
Come give me another try
I promise I’ll make it right
Track Name: Feel It All
Verse One:
Hands on the wheel again
Needa take control this time
No room to play pretend
Livin life outside the white lines

Bridge One:
Cause I always start on the wrong foot
Losing my grip
Hollow like a cyclone, now
I want to feel the impact when it hits
I want to say I did it

Because I want to feel it all
Don’t be the last one to, the one that missed out
Because I’ve got to feel it all
Don’t wanna be the last one to get the call
I wanna feel it all

Verse Two:
Night time comes again
Tryna get high off the thrill
There’s more to the dangerous
A mirror reflecting what is real

Bridge Two:
Cause I wanna feel the pressure and the bite
Wanna draw blood
I wanna see what I’ve done
Can’t forget the things you never try
I want to take that jump…


Gotta feel the lows, gotta feel the highs, but, I’ll give it time, I’ll give it time
Foot on the gas, can’t outrun the past, but I’ll give it time, I’ll give it time


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